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Missy takes us back to the days of break dancing and Adidas

February 3, 2003 Executive Editor 0

Missy Elliot has never failed to please with her music videos, and “Gossip Folks” is no exception. This video is as close to old school rap as is possible in the days of Eminem and P. Diddy.

Donning her blue and yellow and then red and pink Adidas sweat suits with matching sneakers and fuzzy hats, she looks much better and oozes more sex appeal than any video girl wearing pasties and a thong.

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‘Darkness Falls’ is a B-movie wannabe

January 30, 2003 Executive Editor 0

While this isn’t a crucial part of the movie, it’s the way the creators of “Darkness Falls” should have gone with their Tooth-Fairy-gone-evil tale. They could have easily given into the idea that their film was a “B” movie. Heck, they should have embraced it.