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Georgia Geen
Georgia is a junior pursuing dual degrees in print/online journalism and Spanish with a certificate in Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation. She was an editorial intern at Richmond Magazine and hopes to work one day as a foreign correspondent in Latin America (or build a house of cards with her degrees, whichever comes first).




Saffeya Ahmed
Saffeya is a senior pursuing dual degrees in print journalism and political science. She loves writing and is excited to continue her career in journalism. She is very stressed about finding a job after graduation. If you’re reading this, please hire her. Thanks !!!! 






Fadel Allassan

Fadel a multi-faceted journalist and political science major.








Noah Fleischman

Referred to by his colleagues as “Liam,” “Collin” and “Tyler,” Noah is a freshman studying digital journalism preparing for a career in sports reporting. He previously wrote for the Prince William Times and has broadcasted for ESPN. In his free time, he enjoys running spontaneously and playing Fortnite.






Andrew Ringle

Andrew doesn’t like writing staff bios, but he does like going to Taco Bell. He always orders Baja Blast, and usually asks for the spicy potato tacos or the nacho fries because he’s scared of processed meats.






Brianna Scott

Brianna Scott is a senior studying broadcast journalism with a minor in Sims Expertise. She has an Aquarius sun, a Cancer moon and is a rising Sagittarius — these are important details you should be writing down. You can find her doing social justice advocacy work when she’s not sleeping all day or ordering an embarrassingly large amount of UberEats (please sponsor her). After graduation in May 2019, Brianna hopes to scam her way into a job that pays a living wage. But we’ll see what happens.





Erin Edgerton
Erin is an expert in photographic processes and social media management. Currently an intern at Richmond Magazine, this is her third year working for the CT, second as photo editor and first as multimedia editor. Erin enjoys photographing weddings, wearing pineapple button downs, eating tacos and telling people why she’s right — which she always is. You can usually find Erin working at Quirk hotel, getting patronized on the sidelines of basketball games or running around photographing all sorts of things such as impounded scooters or sketchy nightclubs.




Alexandra Zernik

Alexandra is a junior studying print journalism, creative advertising and business. She is from Annandale, Virginia, and has a passion for synchronicity and all types of writing.








Steck Von

Steck is a senior pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. He is also a freelance illustrator, he has been doing illustrations for the CT for two years, he focuses on graphical and editorial illustration and comics. He loves Asian food and Hats. Check out his works on Instagram: von075





Staff Writer

Adam Cheek



Shaun Jackson









Ryan Rich — Design Editor 
Ryan is a graphic designer and illustrator. He is deceptively good at limbo, and his shoe size is 11.5. He enjoys cooking, cartooning, making cocktails and playing with his cat, Scott.







Mai-Phuong Bui

I love MP! — Jeffrey Pohanka
MP is one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. — Andrew Caress
MP’s 7/11 cravings are not to be underestimated. — Ryan Rich







Jeffrey Pohanka

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Follow me on Instagram @peeohaitchayenkayay +








Andrew Caress

I have three cats in my collection. The first one is all black … I HAVE FOUR CATS! Oops. I have four cats in my collection. The first and fourth one are black. Their names are Oliver and Ray, male. The second one is Spritle, she is green amongst other colors. Allow me to be perfectly clear, they are not at VCU, they are at home.