The CT Staff


Gabriela de Camargo Gonçalves


Gabi was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She is pursuing a digital journalism major and a political science minor, but she spends any free time working on her paintings, drawings and photography. Anything and everything related to art and the written word define Gabi.

twitter: @decamgabriela

instagram: @athousandfiress



Hollyann Purvis


Hollyann is a senior majoring in digital journalism with a minor in English. After college, she plans to live in metropolitan New York and pursue a career in editing, social media strategizing and/or public relations. In her free time, Hollyann enjoys yoga, cooking and traveling as much as she can.





Anna Chen


Anna is a senior and first-generation student majoring in mass communications with a concentration in digital journalism and double minoring English and creative writing. She enjoys the simple pleasures of enjoying time with friends and watching Shark Tank. In the future, she hopes to one day become an advocacy journalist and a dog mom.





Selna Shi


Selna studies political science and urban planning. They are interested in writing local news stories and have covered local elections, rallies and VCU. Occasionally, they play badminton and frisbee. They also play sudoku and cook delicate dishes like fried rice whenever they can.






Arrick Wilson


Arrick is a sophomore majoring in mass communications with a concentration in journalism. Arrick is a multifaceted journalist, photographer and content creator. Arrick is also a avid sports fan who enjoys watching The Office, taking pictures with his camera and listening to music. Arrick hopes to one day have a journalism career involving sports, black culture and music.

Instagram: @arrickwilson, @flicksbyarrick
Twitter: @ArrickWilson



Chloe Hawkins


Chloe is a senior majoring in mass communications with a focus in digital journalism and a minor in history. In her free time she enjoys listening to all types of music, watching her favorite comfort shows, and trying to find the next best burger place.






Kofi Mframa


Kofi is a junior majoring in mass communications with concentration in digital journalism. He enjoys writing editorials on music, media, and popular culture at large as well as arts criticism. In his free time, you can find Kofi playing cello and updating his Letterboxd as he binges A24 films.






Alessandro Latour


Alessandro is a photographer and a pursuing designer, currently studying experience and interaction design. Alongside his studies, he also enjoy traveling and indulging in a nice cortado. After college Alessandro hopes to move to New York City where he will pursue a career in design or photography.

instagram: @alessandrolatour




Andrew Kerley


Andrew is a freshman pursuing degrees in mass communications and economics. He does not know where his career is going, but hopes to travel the world and talk to all kinds of people. In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing obscure video games, creating art, consuming video essays and cooking big meals for his friends.

Instagram: @Andrew Kerley

Twitter: @AndrewKerley_



Killian Goodale-Porter


Killian is a sophomore majoring in communication arts with a certificate in product innovation. In her free time, she enjoys doodling, watching — but never finishing — TV shows, reading and baking. Killian plans to eventually help illustrate more stories as a visual development artist.






Clare Wislar — Art Director







Madison Tran — Designer


Madison is majoring in graphic design. She plans to pursue a career in design for publishing media and is an aspiring art director. Madison likes to spend her free time collecting candles and rewatching “Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour” on Netflix.

Instagram: @mads.gdes





Fiona McMichael — Designer


Fiona is a graphic design major and printmaking minor in her senior year of college. She is originally from Blacksburg, Virginia but finds the city more her speed. When there is free time to be had, Fiona enjoys running her radio show, reading, and playing the occasional game of chess or tennis.  After college she hopes to have more time to pet her cat.





Tess Wladar — Designer


Tess is a senior majoring in communication arts with a concentration in illustration. She plans to pursue a career in editorial and children’s book illustration. Tess likes to spend her free time needle felting and re-watching “Twilight.”






Solimar Santoyo — Designer


Solimar is from Chicago and is an award-winning graphic designer. A career as an art director is what excites her the most. Solimar enjoys thrifting and writing during her free time.