About Us

Who We Are

The Commonwealth Times is a student-led and student-produced media organization that has been serving the Virginia Commonwealth University campuses at Monroe Park and MCV since 1969. The newspaper is printed once a week during the fall and spring semesters, and content is also published online at commonwealthtimes.org and updated regularly as news occurs. The CT is comprised of more than 50 VCU students, including staff members and contributors, and provides hands-on training in journalism, multimedia production, photography, marketing and human resources, among other areas.

The Commonwealth Times is entirely student-run and operates under the guidance of the VCU Student Media Center director and the governance of the VCU Student Media Board.

Our Mission

First and foremost, our mission is to provide coverage of news and other events affecting the VCU community.

We are a dedicated, responsible and independent student media organization that connects, explores and enriches the lives of the university’s affiliates and other community members.

We operate on a model of individual responsibility and professional standards instead of censorship and administrative control. We promote the values of integrity, tenacity, creativity and honesty in the pursuit of excellence.

Corrections Policy

It is the policy of The Commonwealth Times to correct any inaccurate information published online or in print as soon as the error is discovered. Any inaccuracies published in print will be noted by a correction published in the news section of the following print issue. Inaccurate information published online will be corrected and the correction will be noted at the bottom of the story.

Please contact The CT’s Executive Editor Katharine DeRosa at [email protected] to report inaccuracies.

Content Removal

The Commonwealth Times strives to preserve complete and accurate records of the publication, both online and in print. Therefore, The CT will not remove online content — including news stories, opinion columns, editorials, letters to the editor, photographs and illustrations — unless given sufficient proof that the basis of a published work is completely unfounded. Any other errors will be amended in accordance with our corrections policy.

When submitting opinion content to The Commonwealth Times, columnists and cartoonists are expected to take accountability for their expressed opinions. Requests to remove an author or illustrator’s name from an archived work will be handled solely at the discretion of the current student editorial staff, but the standard policy is to preserve the work as it was originally published.