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VCU gives students their money’s worth

March 16, 2015 admin 1

We usually complain about the high cost of tuition that rises every year and all of the things we’re not getting from our school. I, myself, have voiced many complaints about the way VCU handles finances. Except I realized that I often forget how much VCU does have to offer me.

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The right to bear children

March 2, 2015 Executive Editor 0

In 1924, Virginia enacted a law allowing the forced sterilization of citizens who threatened the “purity of the American race.” Between 7,200 and 8,300 people were sterilized in the state because they were deemed unfit to procreate by reasons of mental insanity of mental deficiency.

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Too much sugar is bad for your health

February 23, 2015 Executive Editor 86

VCU was named one of the top 20 fastest growing sugar-baby schools by Seeking Arrangement, a website dedicated to connecting students (sugar babies) looking to have their education paid for by wealthier individuals who are looking for companionship.

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Welcome to Richmond: food desert central

February 2, 2015 Executive Editor 0

Location, location, location. It is everything when people are looking to buy a home or picking a university, but people forget to consider what their location means for their access to affordable, fresh and healthy food.