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Art, science students create exhibit for the Science Museum of Virginia

March 23, 2015 admin 0

As most people who took biology in high school know, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. According to Dr. Shilpa Iyer, assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering at VCU, the mitochondria is important because it’s the part of the cell that controls how much energy you have.

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ICA announces curator, still under construction

September 29, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Although the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art still looks like a heap of rubble at the intersection of Belvidere and Broad, the museum announced earlier this month that Lauren Ross has been chosen as curator, and will begin her new position Oct. 6.

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Construction of Art Institute finally underway

June 25, 2014 Executive Editor 1

For months, the lot on the corner of Broad and Belvidere streets has remained vacant except for the sign designating it as the future home of the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU. Last week, nearly 350 people gathered on that lot as VCUarts Dean Joe Seipel broke ground for the ICA.