Student exhibition opens at the Depot

VCU arts student exhibitions will be held at the newly renovated art space, the Depot, until April 20. Photo by Devin Peregoy.

Sarah King
Staff Writer

The newly renovated art Depot opened to the public on April 3 to showcase the juried undergraduate student exhibition in fine arts, design and kinetic imaging.

The student exhibition will be on display at the Depot as well as the Anderson Gallery until April 20, and the graduate art student thesis exhibitions will be showcased on both floors of the new building from April 25-May 18.

“The curated show happened last week … and since then we’ve been installing work in the Anderson gallery and the Depot,” said gallery coordinator Vaughn Garland, Ph.D. “The building was open to us Monday or Tuesday and we came in here and started working, and it wasn’t open to the public until (Thursday night).”

There are more than 100 student works displayed in the new art building, and approximately 200 at the Anderson Gallery.

There was a call for work submissions throughout the art school, and different department faculty members collaborated to curate the show. The juried show on display at the Anderson Gallery was conducted by Denis Markonish, the curator at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

“I think there’s a really great variety of work on display,” said Claire Lazaroff, a junior in art education and gallery assistant for the Anderson Gallery and the Depot. “There’s an eclectic taste that’s represented throughout all the discplines.”

Both galleries are free to the public and open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays, and noon-5 p.m. on weekends. While certain aspects of the Depot are open for student exhibitions this spring, the entire facility will be in operation by the fall semester.

“I love the new place, (because) it allows for more art to be put on display, whereas the Anderson gallery was very limited,” said OJ Knight, a freshman majoring in social work who is also a gallery assistant.

Garland said that the Student Commons used to house space to display student work, but the Depot provides an opportunity for students to have their art showcased in a gallery setting.

“As student that’s really important because you can say your work was in a pristine gallery setting,” Garland said. “Its function is to be a place for students.”

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