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Soap Box

March 3, 2003 Executive Editor 0

In an urgent hunt to increase enrollment, VCU has gone after other species. Gladius M. Peanut is the first of this new breed of student. Gladius is finding it hard to fit in, being a giant peanut is not easy. There are no rooms are big enough to house him.

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Soap Box: Why Bob is better than Spiderman

February 27, 2003 Executive Editor 0

It has been brought to my attention that I need to write about more emotional topics in order to lure the closet writers out of their respective closets and have them fire off e-mails. This week, I bring you, Why Bob is better than Spiderman Bob is much like Spiderman in that he also assumes a disguise during the day, and only at night do I become Bob, the great super hero of VCU.