Students speak out about classroom conditions and class availability

Q1: What is your opinion about VCU’s classroom conditions in classes that you have attended in terms of size, comfort, etc.?

Q2: How does VCU’s current availability of classes affect preparing your schedule? When preparing your schedule for the spring semester were you able to get the specific sections and/or professors you desired?

Q3: How fair do you think the costs of VCU’s classes are in comparison to other schools?

Bobby Salazar, 30, junior, social work:

Q1: I think it depends on the building. Hibbs is definitely a much older building; at least it looks like it. Classrooms are tight, chairs are uncomfortable; heating is always on when it’s not supposed to be. Other buildings, however, seem adequate. Temple is good. Classes in the Business Building, they’re pretty good. Of course, the Life Sciences Building is probably the best on campus.

Q2: It seemed a little harder to get into some of the classes that I wanted this semester. They seemed to fill up quicker. It was a little tough this semester. I got most (of the sections I wanted). I got stuck with one night class.

Q3: In comparison, I think the tuition here is pretty good. As far as education goes, you get what you pay for.

Beverly Washington, 20, junior, human resource management:

Q1: I think they’re very adequate. The smaller classes are real comfortable.

Q2: Only one class I couldn’t get into and that was because of late registration on my part. Anything other than that was good.

Q3: It fits the description.

Jay Cousins, 24, senior, information systems:

Q1: I’ve realized that classes have grown since I started here. When I began, class size was 25 people, now it’s like 45.

Q2: There’s a decrease in the number of sections. I work; therefore I need specific classes at specific times.

Q3: For me cost is low. I get in-state tuition and live at home. To me my costs are relatively low.

Brandon Johnson, 18, freshman, undeclared:

Q1: Well, it really depends on what class it is. Some of the classes are a little overcrowded, I guess. I saw a lot of people standing up, but then you got smaller classes where everyone has seats. Sociology and math and biology are a little overloaded, I guess.

Q2: The biology and chemistry classes ran at the same time that I needed.

Q3: I don’t really know the prices of other schools; this is the only school I looked at.

Wes Allen, 22, junior, crafts:

Q1: For the most part, I’d have to say it’s pretty crowded, really. As far as comfort level, that’s the only complaint I can really tell you.

Q2: Pretty bad. I signed up for classes a week or two before school was out for winter break and it was hard getting the schedule that I wanted, or anywhere close to what I wanted.

Q3: I’m really not sure of the prices of other schools, but it’s pretty OK, I would think. It’s moderate.

Randi Coleman, 21, junior, fashion merchandising:

Q1: Classes are always freezing, winter and summer. The Hibbs Building is raggedy. Temple classes and the Life Sciences Building are good.

Q2: No, this year was the worst. There weren’t enough classes at all. My schedule is wacko this year, compared to others.

Q3: I was going to go to J. Sergeant Reynolds, but VCU was only a few dollars more.

Johnny Tran, 21, senior, business administration:

Q1: The size, some of the classes are still good, but most of the classes are terrible. There’s too many students, not enough seats and nobody can really ask any questions, because, I mean, when the class sizes are too big most of the students are too intimidated to ask any questions.

Q2: It’s hard to prepare, because it doesn’t really adjust to my schedule. I have to work too, so that just makes it even harder and some of the classes I want to take, I can’t even take because of that. With the dropouts of professors, the classes, they’re just always getting larger and larger, and I can’t really learn that well, because I need be up front where he is.

Q3: The cost is not that high yet, but every year it’s going to get higher, just because of the budget cuts. Everything at VCU increased and that just makes it harder for us.

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