Soap Boxes making the world a better place, one washing at a time…

In all the columns I have written, it has been brought to my attention by Earl that I have never even mentioned a soap box.
This was alarming as I am a huge fan of soap boxes. Soap boxes are wonderful.
How else would I be able to get many industrial-size boxes of Tide home from the store? My clothes, dishes and palace would remain filthy.
These amazing boxes help keep the world cleaner. And for that, I think we all owe our appreciation to the soap box.
Thank you soap box!

And now… for something completely different…

It appears Emily Liu has a cult following. I have received a couple of e-mails asking about her clothing choices in pictures, opinions and whatnot.
Thank you Emily’s fan club to paying such close attention. I am sure she would appreciate it.
This brings me to a bigger issue.

Do not ask about people on the staff!

I will not answer them or give you the joy of trying to start things.
Do not ask about pictures, do not ask about opinions, do not even ask what they are doing Friday night or if they are available.
All questions pertaining to people on staff will be ignored.
Thank you good sir and have a nice day.
Next time, try to come up with something a bit better. If you are stuck, talk to Bat Boy. He is always a good source for ideas.

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