CT hits the streets

Do you plan to participate in any of the homecoming activities? Why or why not?

“No, I don’t plan to attend. Isn’t this the first homecoming for VCU? I know we don’t have a football team.”
-Anthony Ogunware, 22, computer science

“What’s going on for homecoming?”
-Jason McKenzie, 21, computer science

“I wasn’t planning on it. But my friends are going so they might talk me into going.”
-Denise Lum, 19, pre-pharmacy

“I’ll probably go to the tailgate party and the men’s basketball game. I wanted to go to the social but I will be out of town.”
-Jalisha Haynes, 21, business management

“I plan to go to some of the events because my sorority is taking part in it.”
-Michelle Cave, 18, pre-pharmacy and forensic science

“Maybe. I have to study but if I don’t have anything else to do, I’ll go.”
-Christina Luna, 20, interior design

“No, because I basically don’t have anytime. I go to school full time and work full time.”
-Brigita Shutas, 20, criminal justice

“I probably would go to a few events. It’s something to do. I didn’t go last year.”
-Natasha Kulenguski, 21, psychology

“I am definitely going to some of the events. I went last year and I had fun at the concert, tailgate party and the game. I’m a sports fan and I certainly have school spirit.”
-Steve Smith, 19, undecided

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