Managing Editor Grace McOmber says farewell

Illustration by Sarah Brady

Grace McOmber, Managing Editor

I applied to The Commonwealth Times out of desperation for something new. The combination of a quarantined summer, a strenuous remote internship and an uncertain remainder of a college career had culminated in my late night application in August 2020.

I had a single goal in mind back then: “staff writer.” I coveted that title, a clear goal to set for myself during a blur of a semester. For the rest of my junior year, each article I wrote was one step closer to replacing “Contributing” with “Staff.”

I never became a staff writer.

Instead, I received something so much more precious. Writing for The CT started as an outlet for me to both explore an existing passion and, frankly, talk to someone outside of my two roommates. That hesitation I felt, trying something new so “late” in my college career, dwindled with each byline, replaced by something I hadn’t experienced until I was hired as audience editor and then managing editor: belonging. 

I broke out of my shell, one that was hardened not only by the pandemic but by years of hesitation toward change. I was a political science major who was good at writing. Now, I’m a writer.

In a time of isolation and stress, coming to the SMC and working with some of the most amazing and passionate people every single week has been a privilege I will never forget. I am eternally grateful to The CT for paving a path I am excited to follow.

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