Trivia, support at feminism event

Matt Leonard
Staff Writer

Celebrating the end to women’s history month, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs hosted “Feminism is for Everyone” in the Student Commons on Wednesday night.

Starting with food and a meet-and-greet, “Feminism is for Everyone” was a casual event as people came and went for the free refreshments. The main attraction of the night was a Trivia game.

The game quizzed students on 13 famous feminists including Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony and bell hooks. Each of feminist had a short biography description on the wall around the room. Contestants in the trivia game read the bios to find specific quotes and accomplishments during the game.

“We want to spread the notion that women are equal, it’s a pretty simple concept,” said Victoria Yeroian, a second-year VCU graduate student studying social work. “To highlight some of the amazing women throughout America’s history.”

“I think it’s important for people to know that women have done a lot throughout history and that we continue to do a lot in the world,” said Rhonda Moton, a senior biology major.

Other students came out in hopes of finding like-minded people to engage with and share ideas.

“I consider myself a huge feminist,” said Janette Corcelius, a senior music major. “I wanted to make friends with people who have the same ideas as me. Just knowing that we have allies and there are other people who want change to happen. These things can’t happen in a vacuum, we need support.”

The winners of the trivia game received a t-shirt and bumper stickers.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs puts on a different history or heritage celebration each month. In March, the office hosted multiple lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer film screenings, as well as a discussion focused on feminism. Later this month they are showing the documentary “Miss Representation.”


Next month the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs will be hosting Asian and Pacific Islander History Month.


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