While you were out

‘Six Feet Under’

This week we saw Ruth as we’ve never seen her before: wild. This mother of three acted like the sex-pot that she is…deep down. Bettina certainly has brought this lady out of her shell, and what better way for Ruth to show off her new zany side than at her birthday party that Lisa organized. In a not-so unexpected turn Claire is starting to see the appeal of her friend Russel. Her art teacher keeps telling her how amazing she is, but his motives for doing so are questionable. The outlandish opera/ funeral that they are putting on at the funeral home for a gay man causes more conflict between Federico and David. But this episode was all about Ruth; in a sweet moment at the end of the show, Claire invites her mother out to lunch and a museum for her birthday. Next week, look for Brenda to pop back into Nate’s life to stir up trouble, no doubt.


Eliza Dushku, best known from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Bring it On,” got punk’d this week. She was shopping with two of her friends in a swank boutique, when her friends left her with a bag full of merchandise that was unpaid for. The best part of this show has to be Ashton Kutcher’s commentary, which is priceless. Next, he tricked Mandy Moore into thinking that she was Crib Crashing a lady’s white trash trailor. The mobile home was disgusting. It had a leaky roof and stains all over the place. But to top it off the “Punk’d” crew made Mandy think that she had given the signal to drop a “Crib Crashers” sign on the trailor, which completely demolished it. After a little bit of squirming, -she looked the least worried out of all of Punk’d’s victims so far. Mandy was told the truth. Kutcher must have been too nervous to mess with Oscar de la Hoya, so instead he got his help to trick a non-celebrity named Clarence. Clarence was told that he won a lesson with two famous boxing instructors. First, they put him up against a large man, whom he beat, who was in on the prank. Clarence started to get mighty cocky and took a few swings at his next competitor, which just so happened to be de la Hoya with head gear on. Once he took off his gear, Clarence got nervous; let’s just say that he was taught a (painless) lesson courtesy of Mr. Kutcher and de la Hoya.

‘American Idol’

It finally happened. Clay got a not-so-fabulous review. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t deserve it. He was great and Randy, Paula and Olivia Newton-John were on their feet applauding him. Simon, however, told him that while he was excellent, this week’s performance sounded just like last week’s. He could hardly help it because this week’s theme was none other than country music. This marks the only episode of “American Idol” I ever loathed to sit through. Surprisingly, many of the contestants flourished in this genre, especially U.S. marine Joshua Gracin. He was born to sing country and all the judges acknowledged it. Even Julia DeMato, who has been in the bottom three every week, did fairly well. Now, let’s all say a little prayer that Corey will be the next to go.

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