Richmond ballet gets all dolled up

The men and women of the Richmond Ballet showed their consummate poise and professionalism in “Coppelia,” which was performed during Valentine’s Day weekend. The ballet was light and humorous with tightly performed dance sequences.

Swanilda (Tiffanie Smith) is a sweet young girl preparing to marry Franz (Phillip Skaggs). They are both intrigued by a doll, Coppelia, who they think is a living girl. Coppelia sits atop the balcony of a local toy maker, Dr. Coppelius (Malcolm Burn), reading a book every day. Swanilda is furious when she catches Franz flirting with Coppelia and calls off their engagement. Smith was particularly amusing as she pouted and then danced around, mocking Franz and his manner of flirting.

Franz, Swanilda and many people from their village meet in the Market Square for a festival where the Burgomaster will be handing out dowries. The standout dance during the market scene was performed by Kristen Gallagher and Pedro Szalay. Their energy alone was enough to make them great, but the synchronization of their fast and complex dance step made their part even more remarkable. The ensemble dancing was vivacious and extravagant. The side conversations

Among the dancers while they were in the background were almost as interesting to watch as the actual dance sequences. It was obvious that each had fully developed a character and their relationships with the dancers around them.

Once the ceremony is over, Swanilda decides that she has to have a t

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