While you were out

‘Joe Millionaire’
This week Evan swept the girls off to the French Riviera. He and Zora had a fabulous time. They bonded and then Zora broke her no-kissing rule by giving Evan a few glimpses of things to come in the swimming pool. That night Zora had a dream that Evan wasn’t who he said he was. When Melissa’s turn came up she did everything she could to get Evan to stop thinking of her as a little sister. Her attempts bordered on ridiculous and landed them in the bedroom. Sarah and Evan took an evening stroll when her turn came around and gazed at the moon. After kissing Evan goodnight and retiring to her room, she decided to venture back to Evan’s room to show him the moon one last time. It would seem that isn’t all she showed him. When all was said and done, Zora’s mysterious appeal and Sarah’s not so mysterious appeal won out. Melissa didn’t receive a diamond pendant.

‘The Osbournes’
This week’s “The Osbournes” episode opened with Ozzy rubbing Icy Hot on his genitals– not the best idea. And it didn’t slow down from there. It being Kelly’s 18th birthday, the clan along with extended family like skateboarder Dill and kooky former drummer Sara headed down to Vegas. While Jack was in his room watching “Teletubbies” and dodging security for most of the night, Kelly nearly got into a fist fight with a girl in a bar. Needless to say by the end of the episode Kelly had gotten everyone kicked out of the hotel and they nearly missed their plane.

‘American Idol’
This week the first group of eight (out of the remaining 32) vocalists auditioned not only for the judges, but also for America. This group included hairdresser Julie and her former rival Kim. who were both electrifying. Simon was up to his old insulting tricks. The worst attack being on a portly man’s choice of clothing, which was actually quite stylish. Among Simon, Paula and Randy, it was a case of good cop, bad cop and worse cop. But the contestants, with the support of their family, made it through. Unfortunately, only two can be voted into the next round. All is not lost however, because once America chooses their favorites, the judges will choose two wild card contestants to complete the final ten.

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