O’Brienstein’s calls out to bagel and bar lovers

Located near 17th Street Farmers’ Market, on the corner of Main and 17th streets, is O’Brienstein’s Pub and Deli. O’Brienstein’s provides a unique selection of food along with an original atmosphere.

The theme behind the name is this: Two men, Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Stein both had neighboring restaurants, one a Jewish deli and the other an Irish pub. Agreeing that they would do great business together, the two men joined forces and knocked a hole in the wall, thus creating O’Brienstein’s.

Earlier this year, the restaurant celebrated its grand opening with a huge engagement that featured live bands and other various forms of entertainment. Surrounded by a multitude of other attractions, including many clubs and other hot spots, O’Brienstein’s draws a good crowd both in size and spirit.

Far more popular than the restaurant itself is the bar. O’Brienstein’s offers a wide selection of imported and domesticated beers along with a few wines and champagne by the bottle. They even carry their own champagne specialties, consisting of various fruity liquors mixed with champagne.

Although the service is anything but extraordinary, there is a wide selection of food on the menu. You can order anything from your classic hamburger to O’Brienstein’s own shepherd’s pie and frankfurters, or even an old fashioned steak. However, be aware that a $7 hamburger will end up costing you $10, since cheese and french fries are extra.

As proclaimed by the staff’s T-shirts, which say “Hot Bagels” in large block letters, O’Brienstein’s is well known for their New York-style bagels. They serve a hot chewy bagel with cream cheese that is to die for. And if you need your bagels to go, they are quite well-priced: $1.99 per half dozen and $3.49 per dozen.

Another interesting feature is the all-you-can-eat salad and bagel bar. The salad bar features a large selection of vegetables, pasta and other common salad bar foods along with bagels that are brought hot out to your table.

The atmosphere of O’Brienstein’s certainly doesn’t lack fun and cheer. The booths and tables are brightly painted in colors such as fluorescent green and orange. On the walls are numerous framed memorabilia and posters somewhat reminiscent of Applebee’s d

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