How well do you know your SGA?

Q1:Define the purpose of the Student Government Association.
Q2: What does the SGA do for you?
Q3: What does the SGA do for the university?
Q4: How could the SGA better serve you?
Q5: What ways do you think students might become more involved with the SGA?

Krystal Glaze, 18, first-year student, biology

Q1: That is the Student Government Association, correct? The
purpose of it, I really don’t know. I could not tell you. I just know
where they are located, in the basement of the Commons. I think they deal with
some of the event programming that goes on; asking people what they want to
do and stuff like that.

Q2 Well if my assumption is right, they go along with planning
activities; I’m on the Activities Planning Board, and their office is
in like the same place. I guess they work together in planning stuff like the
stuff they have every month, like parties.

Q3 I think they organize clubs and make sure that everyone
has a chance to get involved, like all the ethnic groups and all the people
that have different interests, that want to be in sororities and fraternities;
making all that open to the public.

Q4 Their location if they were in the Commons right when
you first walk in, people might not know where it is until they have to mosey
down there for something. But being that there are so many other things, clubs
and stuff going on, I think they are doing their part and things are being taken
care of because there are so many things offered.

Q5 Become more informed about it, and I guess I should too.
And probably attend more of the event that they schedule and that would let
them know, well okay, we’re doing good, or no. Maybe go down there and
tell them, look, this is what people want, and they could plan better.

Dan Tulli, 24, first-year graduate student, history

Q1: As far as I know, it’s just the Student Government Association. So,
I guess, to advocate student issues.

Q2 Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. I would venture to say they probably
set up student activities and events, but I’ve been on campus for about
two weeks. So, I have no real working knowledge of what the student government

Q3 I don’t know.

Q4 Honestly I couldn’t tell you right off the bat.

Q5 If the Student Government Association put on highly publicized events or
brought entertainment opportunities or production, I don’t know if that’s
their department or not, but maybe a banquet they have here; but really any
type of highly publicized event to draw student interest. I think they could
make issues more palpable for students to understand. I would venture to say
it is a more abstract idea for students, unless they are like an officer in
the Student Government.

Scott Culpepper, 29, post-graduate, dentistry

Q1: I don’t know. I’m sure there’s fun stuff to do. I don’t
know, I think there’s a limited amount of stuff they can do. Make sure
there’s plenty of beer-drinking activities.

Q2 I’m sure they do all they can. All within their power.

Q3 Same thing. All within the limited amount of power they have.

Q4 If they had more power.

Q5 If they thought that they would have more power. I think if people thought
that they could take over the school and run it themselves they’d probably
be more interested. Of course the place would turn into chaos, but that’s
a good thing. That’s what college is. At least that’s what it was
for me.

Carolyn Withers, 19, junior, biology and chemistry

Q1: I don’t even know. I guess they’re there to make sure they
don’t make any crazy rules or raise tuition without a fight against it.

Q2 I have no idea, to be honest with you.

Q3 They could make my tuition go down, that would be great. That’s the
only thing I know that’s going on at school that everyone’s upset

Q4/5: Maybe if I knew who they were. I guess I’m not all that involved
with school functions, but they have fliers or if they had a little booth…
so maybe if they were more out and accessible then maybe more students would
get involved with them. I don’t know, though.

Kathreen Georges, 24, senior, chemistry

Q1: I’m not sure what their purpose is, I don’t know much about
them, but I take it they’re supposed to defend us or help us out with
different things regarding the school and looking out for us.

Q2 I’m not really sure. I don’t see them around much, doing much
of anything. The only thing I heard was to get a fall break, but I didn’t
see that go anywhere last fall. I don’t blame them for that.

Q3 Better academics, better programs, better funding, I’m sure they
do a lot for us.

Q4 Maybe advertise a bit more so that the rest of the student body could be
more of a representation of that, maybe they should help us to be more aware
of what is going on in the university and what they’re trying to do for
us, and maybe we can get actively involved in that.

Q5 Maybe just put some posters out there and let us know what’s going
on, and if they need help with anything. I don’t really know what they
do, but if they needed help I’m sure if they put out posters saying “come
out, do this” then people would get involved, especially with that fall
break thing. I think if they’d advertised then a lot of people would have
showed up to try and do something with it. I think that might help some people
be more aware of it.

Chris Doval, 20, sophomore, English and philosophy

Q1: I’m not too sure what the SGA is. I’m not too sure of what
the purpose of it is.

Q2 I don’t know.

Q3 I would think make the students’ opinions known to the deans or those
in charge. Actually, I heard something about a fall break in there? I don’t
know if the SGA is in charge of that or something.

Q4 I would think, make me a little more part of what’s goes on. I wasn’t
aware there was an SGA. I wasn’t aware there was an organization that
has anything to do with me.

Q5 My concern is more about knowing that it’s there, you know? I would
think they could be a little more open if it became a little more aware to me
I’d have no problem being part of it.

Marvin DeWitt, 20, sophomore, business administration

Q1: To me, I think the Student Government Association is basically a group
of students who help run the school smoothly. They hopefully get in tune with
the students and try to understand what needs to be addressed and changed about
the school, and they help keep activities on campus flowing smoothly.

Q2 They keep me informed, and that’s basically it for me. They just
keep me informed about what’s going on at the university.

Q3 I think the Student Government Association helps (students) feel like they’re
involved in what’s going on in their school. You know; mentally, physically,
socially; it really helps the school out to have an SGA.

Q4 I would answer that question with a question mark. I’d have to really
think on that one.

Q5 If they had more forums about SGA, and basically help students understand
what SGA is, and what it’s all about, and how it can help them along in
their career, especially in politics.

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