Zodiac Cookies

Aries: You put the chocolate in chocolate chip.

Taurus: If you start referring to yourself in the third person, people might not like you very much.

Gemini: Carrying your book bag on your left shoulder will balance out your moods.

Cancer: Much like the zebra, you are neither entirely ying nor entirely yang.

Leo: You should ignore all fortune cookies you run into today.

Virgo: If you stare at someone long enough, you’ll see a hidden picture.

Libra: If a tree falls down and no one hears it, that must be one lonely forest.

Scorpio: Some one with a name starting with C will soon be affecting your life.

Sagittarius: Your hidden talent can be found behind your right earlobe.

Capricorn: Using pie and chart in the same word will have a negative affect on your kharma.

Aquarius: I’m not saying that reading this paper will make your life better, but…

Pisces: Appreciate your professors, soon they could be making less than you do.

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