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Update the course catalog

April 1, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Class registration for the fall semester is just around the corner, forcing many students to trudge through VCU’s online course catalog, an outdated website in need of change.

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End class registration pains

November 18, 2013 Executive Editor 0

Whenever I hear the words, ‘class registration,’ I cringe. Signing up for classes is one of the worst experiences I have to go through at VCU because it’s an over-complicated and inefficient process.

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10 Things not to miss during Welcome Week

August 19, 2013 Executive Editor 0

Whether you’re a freshman looking for something to do in the few days before classes start, or an experienced senior looking to reminisce and get some free food, there are events practically every hour of the waking day during Welcome Week. Here are 10 things during Welcome Week that are worth making time for.