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Atlantic Coast Pipeline is detrimental to the environment

October 19, 2014 Executive Editor 2

I will not support the risk that the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline brings. The pipeline is far more detrimental than supporters think. It will carry natural gas to Virginia and a better environment and economy should come along with it. However, the natural gas pipeline will also bring new hazards to be wary of in our state.

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Climate Change Muse at Anderson Gallery Opening

September 10, 2014 Executive Editor 0

After a ceremonial crowd indulgence of cheese, wine and crackers, a large gathering of art enthusiasts huddled around each of the featured artists at Anderson Gallery’s opening night of their fall exhibit, Forecast, as they talked about their work.

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Security alerts lack clarity, consistency

October 7, 2013 Executive Editor 1

It’s always disconcerting (and, to be honest, entertaining) to received a security alert from VCU. Not only are they an immediate and direct form of communicating pertinent information to students, they also function as a sort of environmental security benchmark for the student populace.

That is, if you actually receive the alert messages.