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Long live the king

January 26, 2015 Executive Editor 0

Long live the king, the questionably socially liberal and undoubtably economically progressive king. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died on Jan. 23 following three weeks of hospitalization for pneumonia.

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Radical Islam does not represent Islam

October 27, 2014 Executive Editor 0

I remember talking with some friends and them casually joking about the misunderstanding between Muslims and the typical American. They argued that Americans would never be able to grasp that Muslims are not the fictional stereotype of bomb-dropping and women-oppressing individuals media outlets have made them out to be.

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ISIS in motion stays in motion without U.S. action

September 7, 2014 Executive Editor 0

s a country we know what it’s like to watch our home burn. We watched the Twin Towers bleed smoke into the sky as civilian workers jumped out of the windows to save themselves from burning to death. We watched the tidal wave of smoke and debris cover New York City streets after the towers collapsed into themselves. As we approach the 13th anniversary of those attacks, my mind is filled with fear, not remembrance. A terrorist group, which al-Qaida cut ties with earlier this year due to exactly how brutal their tactics were, has risen to prominence in the Middle East.