COVID-19: tracking active cases, VCU total cases surpass 200

Students walk near Monroe Park on VCU campus, some wearing masks improperly or neglecting to wear them altogether. Photo by Alessandro Latour

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As of Sep. 25, VCU’s COVID-19 dashboard reports 39 active student cases on campus and 4 active VCU employee cases, bringing the total number of active cases reported to the university to 43.

The dashboard includes a table indicating a running total of 241 student cases and 26 employee cases, bringing the VCU running total to 267 cases.

The dashboard was created on Aug. 20 to track COVID-19 cases, quarantines and testing among students and faculty.

Currently, 7 students living on campus are in isolation, which separates people who have tested positive for the virus from those who are not sick. There are 12 students in quarantine to restrict movement and monitor any COVID-19 symptoms after a potential exposure.

VCU’s total symptomatic positivity rate is 31.8% with 251 out of 789 tests resulting in positive for COVID-19.

VCU’s asymptomatic prevalence testing began Aug. 17 to keep track of VCU’s percentage of positive COVID-19 cases in their residential students, non-residential students and faculty. VCU has a 0.6% positivity rate in COVID-19 cases with 6 in 990 total tests being positive.

Off-campus students can opt-in to the asymptomatic prevalence testing by filling out an online form. According to a message from leadership, VCU will provide viral throat swab tests, “not the more invasive nasopharyngeal swab in the nose.”

COVID-19 at other Virginia schools

College of William & Mary

  • Pre-arrival student positives: 21
    • On-campus positives: 13
  • Employee pre-arrival positives: <10
  • COVID-19 tests given: 8,332
  • 7-day positivity rate: 0.22%

George Mason University

  • Cumulative positive test rate for students: 0.6%
    • For employees: 2.0%
  • Total student tests: 7,286
  • Total employee tests: 765
  • Positive tests reported this week: 11

James Madison University

  • Total active cases since July 1: 89
  • Total recovered cases since July 1: 1,385
  • Cumulative positive tests: 619
  • COVID-19 tests given: 2,588
  • Positivity rate: 24.07%

Radford University

  • Cumulative positive tests: 409
  • Cumulative COVID-19 tests given: 3,794
  • Positivity rate: 10.78%

University of Richmond

  • Current active cases: 2
  • Total cumulative cases: 18
  • COVID-19 tests given: 4,660
  • Positivity rate: 0.4%

University of Virginia

  • Total positive cases: 648
  • Total active cases: 275
  • Student rooms quarantined: 27%
  • Student rooms isolated: 7%

Virginia Tech

  • Total tests given: 15,502
  • Total positive tests: 940
  • Positivity rate: 6%

Last updated Sep. 28 at 3:50 a.m. For regional, demographic and COVID-19 testing data in Virginia, visit

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