District 5 bar windows broken, graffitied during demonstration in Richmond’s Fan neighborhood

Demonstrators gather at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on Monday night. Photo by Jon Mirador

CT Staff Report

At least one window at bar and restaurant District 5 was broken during a demonstration in the Fan on Monday, following a march of more than 50 demonstrators through the Richmond neighborhood.

The protest began at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart adjacent to Monroe Park, where multiple protesters and reporters were detained Sunday night as police cleared the area. 

A flyer for the demonstration posted on social media Monday accused Mayor Levar Stoney and the Richmond Police Department of “arresting journalists” and silencing the people.

“They want to be the only ones telling the story,” the graphic read. “Fuck that fascist shit.”

A demonstrator in a shirt reading “No justice! No peace!” marches through the Fan on Monday night. Photo by Jon Mirador

On Saturday and Sunday nights, journalists covering the protests in Richmond were detained and held by officers. After their credentials were verified, the reporters were released. Police reported that 17 demonstrators were arrested on Sunday and six were arrested on Saturday. 

Protesters at Monday night’s demonstration were unsure of the flyer’s origin. A demonstrator with a bullhorn asked who made the announcement, but no one responded.

Marchers were dressed in all black Monday, and several were armed. After the window was broken at District 5, an armed man in the group fired what appeared to be a handgun into the air. The crowd dispersed, continued marching on Grove Street and returned to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

A crowd of about 40 protesters walk through VCU’s campus toward the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Photo by Jon Mirador

Throughout the night, many protesters told those in the crowd not to photograph or record anyone for fear of incriminating demonstrators. At least one journalist left the area after he was confronted by a group of protesters for photographing the marchers.

The protest concluded at the cathedral around 11 p.m., and many demonstrators encouraged each other to rest. Monday marked 60 days since demonstrations against police brutality began in Richmond.

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