I’m gonna need a margarita after this

Illustration by Steck Von.

Caitlin Barbieri

Opinions editor

At the end of the 2018 spring semester, some guy I barely knew (Zach Joachim) approached me about becoming the opinions editor of the CT. I declined because I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain my relationship with my boyfriend if I took on another job. Two months later while sipping my second margarita at Baja Bean and venting to my journalism best friend Katie Bashista about my break up, I had a revelation.

The greatest tragedy of my college career was that I waited until my last semester to join the CT. At my first staff meeting, I sat around a table of 12 people, all of whom except three were strangers. I felt nervous and shy and was worried that I wouldn’t fit in.

I quickly realized those feelings were irrational. Over the past three months, I developed some of the strongest relationships I have had in my entire time at VCU. Now, the people who sit around this table are my family. They are my greatest friends and the best part of college.      

It breaks my heart that I found my home in the final stretch of my undergrad career, but I definitely made the most of it. That guy I barely knew is now one of my best friends and one of the most consistent people in my life. My friendship with Katie has thrived, and that’s mostly because I never leave her alone but I’d like to believe she likes me being around.

The new friendships I’ve made will also last long after graduation. No matter how much time passes, I will always be able to hit up Ryan for a margarita, and even if we only have 20 minutes to spare, that will be the best part of my day. I will never stop asking Georgia for help with my Spanish and Saffeya is my favorite person to sit in a car with, singing and dancing for hours. As for my queen, Shaun, I will always go to you for advice on my never-ending journey of self-care.

When I look back on my time at the CT, I will remember begging Saffeya to go to Dunkin’ Donuts with me, watching Jeffrey and Katie vigorously dance to music only they can hear and listening to Georgia lecture about the use of an em dash. I will remember Fadel distracting everyone with questions of love and Andy hiding the fact that he found it.

Every week, without fail, Jeffrey has made me laugh till I cried and MP has made me feel better about myself by simply calling me “queen.” Instead of working, my favorite thing to do was Sudoku and Ryan corrected my pronunciation of the game so much that I just started calling it math squares.

While I am still upset I missed the day Jessica brought her dog to work, I know she will be fantastic in Harrisonburg.

This is my CT family and I will never forget the time I spent with them.

Of course, this farewell would not be complete without mentioning my writers. Margaretta, Marlon and Brianna, you three were my most consistent contributors and while each of you made me want to tear out my hair at times, I am extremely proud of the work you all produced. Your dedication allowed me to have the largest opinions section the CT has seen in recent memory and I am so proud of that.

Brianna, you will be an amazing opinions editor next semester. I have seen you grow so much since freshmen year, and there is no one else I would rather pass off my section to. If you need anything, I will be just a phone call away.

*Starts crying*

Adios CT. As I now become a brief part of your history, know that you will always be a lasting part of mine.

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