Dear Editor,

I was surprised to see that no articles had been published about last week’s weather and how it impacted VCU students. A group of VCU students from the Climate Reality Project and the Environmental Coalition were planning to hold a climate change rally at the compass on Oct. 2, but instead, were forced to hand out damp free stickers and put up posters dripping ink from the soaking rain water.

The effects of climate change are only getting worse, and if it takes hurricane after hurricane for people to understand this, soon it will be too late to do anything.

We have hope that if we act now, we can make a significant difference. This hope alone is not enough to reverse the effects of climate change, but if we all take action, our voices raised and our hands working together can change the world. If we act now, we can ensure that spontaneous hurricanes will not rain out the important events of our future.


Briana Windhausen

VCU Student

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