Homecoming Concert nearing sellout

Kris Mason
Staff Writer

After floor seats to the Homecoming Concert sold out in just over 48 hours, general admission tickets have been selling at a rapid pace since going on sale.

About 500 general admission floor tickets remain for the Feb. 26 concert featuring Chance the Rapper and Magic! at VCU’s. Regular tickets are available only at the Siegel Center ticket office through Feb. 25. The cost is $15 for VCU students and $20 for guests. It is $30 for additional tickets purchased through the same transaction of a VCU student and guest ticket.

The 500 available floor seats sold out last week after having been on sale for only two days.

Halle Nurse, the marketing and promotion chair for homecoming, said she was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the tickets sold.

“We were shocked and surprised that tickets sold out in two days,” Nurse said. “Our promotion for ticket sales did not start until four days prior to the tickets going on sale and for them to sell out within two days was amazing,” Nurse said. “It goes to show that VCU students are excited and hype for this year’s Homecoming Concert”.

Last semester the Homecoming Committee created a genre poll for the students to vote on the MyVCU Student Portal for which genre they wanted to see at the Homecoming Concert. In addition, students were asked to name an artist who they would like to perform for the concert. Chance The Rapper was one of the top three artist students voted for.

Two freshmen who purchased homecoming regular tickets both fit into the narrative that Chance the Rapper has a large following at VCU.

Darrell Young, an engineering major. was very enthusiastic about seeing the performance.” “Chance is one of my favorite rappers. I’ve been a fan since he came out with his mixtape Acid Rap in 2013.”

Scott Collins, a business marketing major ,was originally intended to purchase floor seats but is not dissapointed with regular tickets. “I mean, I dont mind being in the regular section,” Collins said. “I’m excited to see him live, I’ve never seen him before.”

Chance the Rapper, born Chancellor Bennett, is a 21-year-old Chicago native and up-and-coming rapper. His mixtape “Acid Rap” was named the 26th best album of 2013 by Rolling Stone.

Magic! rose to fame through the popularity of their hit single “Rude” that reached the top of the charts after it was released in October 2013. The Toronto based group consists of four band members in Nasri, Mark Pellizzer, Alex Tanas and Ben Spivak.

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