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Fear is the mind-killer

October 27, 2014 Executive Editor 0

The only color is gray. Nothing is as good or bad as the headlines claim. It’s a play on the old phrase: What the media enlightens us of takes away our bliss. To a degree it evaporates our ignorance. We fear what will kill us; it’s part of our engineering that when something threatens our lives, our brain and organ functions change and we fall into our flight-or-fight response.

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Abusing the Second Amendment

October 27, 2014 Executive Editor 3

Gun-rights activists claim open carry laws can help resolve public safety issues, but their intent is obscured by their overdramatic demonstration tactics. I support the Second Amendment. I do not support the overzealous tactics. We must take charge of our own safety. We cannot rely on authoritative figures for our protection at all times.