Student-athlete discipline bill could benefit VCU

Noura Bayoumi
Guest Columnist

Think about the last time you heard about a situation that went on with the student-athletes who violated the VCU Code of Ethics here at VCU.

Nothing yet?

If you’re having trouble thinking of a violation, maybe it’s because most of the common violations of the code that happen with VCU student-athletes are dealt with privately, said VCU Athletics spokesperson Scott Day.

Fortunately, House Bill 205, which is currently in the Virginia General Assembly House of Delegates Education Committee, would require universities and colleges that already have student-athlete policies to have their Board enforce rules as well.

This bill would benefit student-athletes, help keep the general student body at VCU informed and keep the Board more aware of what is happening at their university.

Students at VCU have a right to know what goes on with student-athletes. After all, the student body is the main support system for athletes, considering that students attend the majority of games and events.

In addition, the performance of student-athletes not only represent the individual or team; they represent the university as a whole. Students at VCU are reflected in every action committed by an athlete, on or off the field, court or pitch.

If the Board is more engaged with what goes on with student-athletes, it can have more control of the consequences and introduce new ways to improve the athletic programs. Situations that are dealt with privately within VCU Athletics won’t have as much attention as they would if they’re dealt by the Board.

Student-athletes could also benefit from HB 205 because it would make them more wary of possible consequences. By having the university judicial process directly handle the disciplinary process, we could decrease the number of code violations. It could also motivate players to make better decisions if they know that the directors or coaches won’t be the only ones handling the problem.

Athletic directors should follow through with the responsibility of verifying certain accusations or sanctions of accused athletes with the Board to ensure unbiased justice.

Students deserve to have a better understanding of the actions by student-athletes and Board members should take on the responsibility of being more involved with their institutions.

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