Featured Photo Gallery : Crew Team at VCU

Getting up at 4:45 a.m. and driving down to Rockett’s Landing to photograph one of Crew Team at VCU’s sunrise practices proved well worth the effort. I arrived with no intention on leaving land during this shoot. But next thing I know I’m being lead from the warm & dry boathouse storage , down the docks, and onto a small john boat with an outboard motor being captained by coach Yuriy Levitsky. He instructed me to make a bed of life vests in the middle of the boat floor and lay on them so as to keep the boat balanced and so he could see out in front of us. This nest is where I remained for the morning as we zipped up and down the river past crews of practicing students. Competitive athletes against a natural landscape combined with foggy sunrise light ensured not only that great photos were possible, but that my experience would become a highlight of my time photographing at VCU for The Commonwealth Times.

Chris Conway


  1. Love the pictures (my kid is in one of them), but I can't seem to get rid of the "Share" toolbar in the middle of the pictures. 🙁

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