Herro Sugar growing up, not apart

Richmond-based Herro Sugar hopes to go on tour after they graduate from high school next summer. Photo by Will Hall/The Horn RVA.

Jackson McMillan
Staff Writer for The Horn RVA

It’s no secret that graduating from high school can mean curtains for a friendship, so what does that mean for one of Richmond’s up-and-coming bands?

Despite the inevitable realization that many face following the culmination of events at their respective four-year institution, Jack Mayock, 17, Noma Illmensee, 17, Jack Oliver, 17, seniors at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, and Tristan Fisher, 18, a senior at Mills E. Godwin High School, of Richmond’s Herro Sugar are holding onto the possibility that their music will follow them into the future.

“The general consensus right now, I think, is that we’re all going to live in Richmond next year,” said Oliver, the group’s drummer. “And as long as we’re all here, we’re going to keep playing as Herro Sugar.”

The band, which has been noted for their “What would Wilco do?” approach to music, is currently shopping for studios to record their upcoming album, described by Illmensee as, “A full length album; a more cohesive, well-rounded and uniform Herro Sugar sound,” which they intend to tour on next summer after graduation.

“Once we have an album, we’re planning on touring on it and sort of pushing it out there and seeing what happens (with the album),” said Illmensee, the group’s bass guitarist. “As far as future plans, we’re all very happy with playing together and being friends and we don’t want to cut that short.”

The members of Herro Sugar are not grinning behind a perfect hand; with an album that is not yet in the works and a tour that has not yet been slated, there is much uncertainty for the band – safe for that they all seem to express a desire to continue it.

“Personally, I feel very involved in Herro Sugar, and I don’t want to cut that short,” Illmensee said. “I don’t have grander plans for my life yet, and I don’t want to pin anything down too soon. I’m very happy with where I’m going and where the band’s going.”

For now, Herro Sugar remains enthusiastic about Richmond’s thriving music scene and encourages fans to go to shows.

“Of all the places we could have ended up, Richmond is one of the best,” Oliver said. “As far as I can tell, we’re a great pool and lucky to live where we do and in a setting where we have an opportunity to be a part of so many great shows.”

Herro Sugar is scheduled to perform Sept. 27 at Strange Matter at 929 W. Grace St.

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