Interesting People – Court of fashion edition: Ugg Boots on trial

Samantha Foster
Staff Writer

Nick Bonadies
Spectrum Editor

Local entertainment magazine RVAMag, in an online post Friday, Jan. 20, published statements expressing distaste for a cornerstone of the collegiate wardrobe.

A vague aversion to Ugg boots — unisex sheepskin boots and Australian imports, so named for the general verbal reaction to their appearance (“ugh”) – is not uncommon among armchair fashionistas. Arguments for the boots tend to revolve less around their visual appeal and more on their wearability and comfort.

But many readers found opinions expressed by Britt Sebastian, RVAMag contributor and designer of fashion brand Hollywood Cemetery, a bit too personal.

“These boots are designed with a small amount of whoredom in mind,” Sebastian wrote. “The pathetically uncreative styling of this boot was specifically designed by Ugg to match a pair of black spandex, a North Face fleece jacket and a shirt with some Greek symbols on it. Ugg originally intended to call these boots ‘Open for Business,’ but they eventually settled for the less egregious name, ‘Sorority Slut.’”

“If you have recently been with a girl that wears anything off the list above,” the post concludes, “save the trip to the doctor’s office; you have chlamydia.”

The backlash against the article from readers, as well as from such publications as New York Magazine (“Magazine removes ‘humorous’ article that links Uggs to chlamydia, prostitution”), was such that RVAMag had taken the article down from its website as of press time.

“I just really want to thank RVA magazine for supporting such excellent content,” one online reader commented on the original article. “I don’t know how I went about my day not knowing that girls who wear Ugg boots have sex lives I should judge them for and maybe even shame them for!”

R. Anthony Harris, RVAMag publisher, referred to Sebastian as a “comedian” and said his comments, “are not to be taken seriously. He made an observation and decided to pick on Ugg Boots. He has had some really funny articles in the past … a few like this one … cross some invisible line and upset people.”

“Too bad some of this firestorm couldn’t cross over to supporting local music and art,” he continued.

In the firestorm’s afterglow, CT reporters took to the streets to gauge the opinion of real, offline VCU students on the fuzzy boots we all love, or love to hate.

Kelsey Mangham
Chemical & life science engineering
Leslie Gales
“I don’t like them, and I think they are expensive. I wear old people shoes. I am not a big name brand kind of person. (The people that wear Uggs) are brand name people. They are materialistic, but I wouldn’t call them whores.”

“They are expensive shoes, but there is a reason they’re expensive. They are good quality. I’m not a prostitute.”

Samantha Lakatos
Joanna Kettlewell
“They are really ugly and expensive. I don’t know why anyone would spend that much. I think that’s taking it a little far. (Prostitutes) wear pumps and stilettos. When there is a platform Ugg boot, then I’ll believe it.”“Well, I didn’t buy them because I didn’t think they were particularly attractive, but then I tried a pair and they are so comfy. I’m pretty sure I’m not a prostitute. I’m in a relationship, and I’m faithful.”
Carlee Pennypacker
Environmental studies
Alex Hevia
Broadcast journalism
“I think that they are ugly, hence why they are called Ugg boots. I think it’s funny, but inaccurate.”“I hate Ugg boots. I hate the girls who wear Ugg boots with Soffee shorts. It’s not sexy. I’d say half of them are sluts.”
John Baker
Jazz studies
Monica Hunasikatti
Gender studies and chemistry
“Those are the boots with the fur, right?’
Boots with the fur, with the fur
The whole club was lookin’ at her
She hit the flo’
She hit the flo’
Next thing you know
Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low’” **(quoted from Flo Rida’s “Low.”)
“They just don’t look good, but they are soft inside. I don’t think I would call them prostitutes.”
Alexandra Hernandaz
Henry Jensen
Political Science
“I think Uggs are ugly. Maybe girls buy them because they are fuzzy. I think (the article) is ridiculous. I mean, little girls wear them.”“I hate them. They may be comfy and cozy, but I think they are bulls— and I hate them. They are a stupid trend, and I hate them. I do not get at all the fashion, but then again, I am a straight white male, so my fashion sense is limited.”

Photos by Amber-Lynn Taber


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  2. Uggs are comfortable and warm. Wearing them with little shorts looks whorish. There’s only one reason to wear Uggs with shorts, and it has nothing to do with the weather.

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