Whet your appetite: Spiders vs. Rams edition

Adam Stern
Executive Editor
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Tonight's game will be on ESPN2 and ESPN3.com (Photo by Chris Conway/The CT)

Here are some nuggets of knowledge for you  to ponder on today as you steadily anticipate tonight’s 8 p.m. tip off.

  • VCU are 3.5 point favorites heading into tonight’s match versus the Spiders.
  • Darius Theus leads the conference in assist percentage thus far in the season with an assist percentage of 32.6.
  • Bradford Burgess leads the CAA in turnover percentage. The Richmond native is only turning the ball over 5.8 percent of his possessions.
  • Freshman Briante Weber is No. 1 in the Colonial in steal percentage.
  • Junior Troy Daniels is currently leading VCU in the percentage of possessions used category. Dirty Daniels shots the ball on 22 percent of the Rams’ trip down the court.
  • Richmond has the 60th hardest schedule in the nation via KenPom.com’s rankings
  • VCU‘s turnover percentage of 27.0 is an impressive 10th in the nation currently.
  • VCU‘s steal percentage of 13.3 is 21st in the U.S.A.
  • Troy Daniels is slugging at .368 from behind the arc right now, but that’s only good enough for second on the squad as Brad Burgess is canning shots from long distance at the exotic .383 mark.
  • With the start tonight, Burgess will move to 119 games, which is two shy of tying the all-time university record.
  • Both teams enter tonight’s match-up as winners of four of their last five games.
  • Richmond is not the tallest team you’ve ever faced, coming in at the 261st tallest team in the country. VCU is 70th.
  • VCU‘s rivalry with the Spiders is second only to their Rams’ rivalry with Old Dominion. VCU will be facing the Spiders for the 66th time tonight; the Rams have faced the Monarchs 85 times.
  • Tonight’s game will mark the seventh-straight sell out of the Verizon Wireless Arena. If VCU sells out three more in a row, they will break the all-time record of nine held by UNC Wilmington.

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