Guest Columnist: Dirty Richmond takes on Valentine’s

A Dirty Richmond Guide to Valentine’s Day

Brian McDaniel

Valentine’s Day is finally here and here is a last minute guide to save you from disaster, courtesy of  Dirty Richmond .  This guide will help you take advantage of all the offerings and hidden gems of the many local businesses in our city. If you need ideas for places to buy gifts, what to wear, or where to take your date for dinner; this is the guide for you! CT

Brian McDaniel, the founder and sole blogger behind Dirty Richmond, put together a list of places to take your special someone on Valentine’s Day, all fit for one of the most well-known blogs in the city.

Shopping for gifts?

Black Swan (2601 W. Main)
Black Swan is one of the best places in Richmond to find a gift for any book lover.  Not only do they have a large collection of out-of-print and rare books; they also sell vintage artwork and photographs.  The staff is extremely friendly, and always willing to answer any question.

Other places to buy gifts:
Mongrel (2924 W. Cary)
Blue Elephant (425 Strawberry Street)

Shopping for clothes?

Rumors Boutique (404 N. Harrison)
Putting an outfit together for Valentines Day can be one of the most nerve-racking parts of the day. Luckily there is Rumors and they can provide everything from shoes, a last minute accessory, or even an entire outfit.

Other places for clothes:
Need Supply Co. (3100 W. Cary Street)
B-Sides Thrift (2925 W. Cary Street)

Dinner? (caption with Sticky Rice picture)

Sticky Rice (2232 W. Main)
Going out for sushi on Valentines Day is a fun alternative to a more traditional meal. Sticky Rice has some of the best sushi in Richmond and is highly recommended.  If you and your date would rather stay in, Sticky Togogo (located across the street) offers pick up or delivery.

Other fun places for dinner:
Kuba Kuba (1601 Park Avenue)
Elephant Thai (1100 W. Cary Street)

Dessert? (caption for ipanema picture)

Ipanema Cafe (917 W. Grace)
Often opted out on any other day, dessert on Valentines Day is always required.  Ipanema Café is located close to the VCU campus and offers the best desserts in Richmond with many being vegan friendly.

Other dessert havens:
Strawberry Street Café (421 Strawberry Street)
Carytown Cupcakes (2820 W. Cary Street)

Staying in? (caption for video fan picture)

Video Fan (403 Strawberry St.)
Sometimes staying in can make the best and most intimate dates. Video Fan is locally owned and offers over 13,000 titles.  When Red Box doesn’t have the movie you are looking for, and the movie you want to stream isn’t on Netflix instant play, Video Fan will definitely have whatever you are looking for.

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