Spring SOVO fair draws thinner crowd

Hillary Huber
Contributing Writer

Fraternities, sororities, and a variety of organizations from the Quidditch team to Anime Club, gathered in the commons on Friday for the spring Student Organization and Volunteer Opportunities fair to offer students an insight into the resources and volunteer opportunities available on campus.
Stephen Straus, the Student Organization Manager for the Student Organization Development Office, said that the even housed over 160 student organizations, as well as nonprofit groups from the greater Richmond area.
“I think (the SOVO fair) is a great way for students who aren’t involved to get involved, because this is when a lot of the organizations showcase what they are and what they do,” Straus said. “It also provides students a way to connect with other students and network with other student organizations.”
Maya Simpkins, an undeclared sophomore, said the event was smaller and less accessible than the event in the fall, but was happy that there were a variety of groups there.
“It seemed like there were a lot more groups from around the city, and I thought that was really cool,” Simpkins said. She said she was most excited to see the Impact Club, a club devoted to helping Richmond City kids.
Jonathan Jones, a freshman marketing major, said while the spring SOVO fair served it’s purpose to help promote student groups, it didn’t measure up to the fall event
“The (fair) in the fall had all the tables and groups in one spot and people seemed (more willing) to give you information,” Jones said.
Straus said that even though the event was smaller than in the fall, he wanted to remind students that if they ever see a need for an organization that hasn’t been started, they always have the opportunity to start it themselves.
“One of the great things about VCU … is that there are over 300 organizations for students to get involved with, and if there isn’t a student organization that fits your niche or needs, then, as a student, you’re able to start one,” Straus said. CT
For more information and the tools necessary for launching a new student organization, visit the Office for Student Organization Development, located in the bottom floor of the Commons.

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