While you were out

The O.C.

Ryan, who was taken in by his public defender Sandy Cohen, is in jail. Sandy’s wife Kirsten reluctantly goes with their son Seth to visit Ryan. When a man harasses Kirsten, Ryan gets into a fight and Kirsten takes him back to their house in Newport Beach. Sandy finds Ryan’s mother, Dawn, by hiring a private investigator. Things look promising between Dawn and Ryan at first, but at the Cohen’s Vegas Night party she gets drunk and makes a spectacle of herself. She leaves Ryan in the morning and Kirsten tells Sandy that Ryan is permanently staying with them. Meanwhile Marissa gets back together with Luke and Sandy finds out that Kirsten has given Marissa’s father a large sum of money without telling him.


Molly Holly defeats Trish Stratus by disqualification after Gail Kim attacks Holly.

Test vs. Scott Steiner: Test feigns injury to his knee then surprises Scott Steiner with a swift kick and a pin. Test wins the services of Stacy Keibler.

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash, hair vs. hair: Jericho uses brass knuckles to win. Kevin Nash gets a scissor cut from Jericho.

Rosey defeats Rodney Mack by pin.

Linda McMahon is recuperating in Connecticut from her neck injury. Eric Bischoff breaks into her house and makes sexual advances towards Linda. Linda asks him to leave. Bischoff promises to beat Shane to a bloody pulp, then forcefully kisses Linda. Shane McMahon steals a car and rushes to his mother’s defense.

Kane carries Rob Van Dam backstage during a match between RVD and Christian.

Randy Orton vs. Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest enforcer: Goldberg uses the Jackhammer and pins Orton after Austin stops Ric Flair’s interference. The participants of the upcoming elimination chamber match surprise attack each other to end the show.


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