Jimmy Boombada keeps good company, with Harry Potter and Princess Leilani

Why did NASA stop sending people to the moon? I don’t think that all the necessary research has already been done on the moon. We live on earth, we still don’t know much about the deep sea.

Is it true that aliens use the moon as a base? Or is it because aliens have warned NASA not to come back again? Or as some say that the moon landing is entirely a hoax? I don’t believe in fantasies, but I do wonder why NASA stopped moon landing entirely?


Harry Potter

Mr. Potter, it is truly an honor to be e-mailed by such a huge movie star. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to send me a letter.

Now, on we go to NASA. They have recently stopped moon landings because an alien base located there. The aliens sent a strong message to Earth when construction was started on the international space station. This message was promptly translated (the aliens speak Latin), filed and ignored.

This caused the aliens to e-mail the United Nations in protest and to try to come to some understanding, before the war began.

There was a small misunderstanding at first, but now a peace accord has been reached between Earth and the alien race. So no one will be annihilated.

How can you know what is fantasy and what is reality? Perhaps the moon landing was real. Perhaps it was all faked – a huge movie made to ease the fears of a frightened American public in the midst of a space race with the Soviets.

Hopefully the warning from the aliens was enough to have us look more into the fate of our own planet, as opposed to learning about others. Much research has been done in the name of finding another place to colonize when we make this planet unlivable.

Instead of focusing on where we will go once we destroy this world, we should refocus our energies on making this world a better place to live.

Hey Bob,

You got my last letters I see. And I thank you for the answers, especially the Web mail capacity one. However, my e-mails have funny hieroglyphics of some kind next to each one. Sometimes it says 1K, sometimes it says 5K, etc.  What are these K’s? You mentioned megabytes or something. But all I see is K’s. How many K’s can my account hold?  Let me know and you just might get a picture of the 666, for it is coming soon. 

Say hi to Hoffa for me and ask him how he got out of that end zone at the Giants’ stadium over in the Meadowlands. Also, could you hook me up with his whereabouts. Hoffa and I go back a long way. I mean, I’m concerned about his rain phobia. As for Jackie 1, I’ve got your back on this one, Bob.  Let’s just say Jackie 1 and his N.O. R.E.A.D. syndicate better lie low for a while.


Jimmy Boombada

No problem Jimmy. After all, it is my job to answer questions. That is just what I do. The “k” does not mean strike out. It means kilobyte. If you were to take 1,000 kilobytes, you will get a megabyte (MB). So, if your e-mail account can hold 10MB of data, that would amount to 10,000k (or kb).

You have plenty of room, never fear. It will take you a long time to fill up that much space, especially if you are getting 1k messages. I hope I have put your fears to rest about your e-mail situation.

A picture of 666 e-mails would just be excellent. The real question is, would your 666 e-mail be related to the devil or in any way satanic. That would be amusing if it was, purely by chance. Can Satan use e-mail? Would his address be [email protected]? If anyone out there receives an e-mail from Satan, please let me know.

I would love to tell you where Jimmy Hoffa is, but he has sworn me to secrecy. It is very important for his whereabouts to remain anonymous. If word were to get out about where he is, it could put his work in jeopardy. And you would not want that, would you? As far as his great escape from the Giants’ stadium, he is not telling anyone his secret, except those who helped him make his getaway.

It is nice to know someone’s got my back. Jackie 1 and N.O.R.E.A.D. should not be heard from for a long while now. Bat Boy and Jimmy Hoffa paid them a brief visit last night, if you know what I mean.



I just read the Commonwealth Times. I’ve been told that I’m the only person at VCU who reads it, but I know this is not true. Have you ever been to www.zombo.com? I turn the volume up really loud and laugh for hours. That site amuses me to no end. Other than that, how are things at the Arctic Palace? I really didn’t have a question…I just wanted to finally write Bob!

~*~Princess Leilani~*~

Princess, I am honored. Both Harry Potter and Princess Leilani e-mailed me in one day. This is a very fine day indeed!

My dear princess, I love questions, but I love getting confirmation of my work even more. Fan mail, is the highest form of flattery. I am glad you read (and I assume) enjoy The Commonwealth Times. There is nothing better than knowing people appreciate the work you do. That is why I answer questions and write silly things to try and make people’s days a little brighter.

I know I have said that a million times, but the praise of my work and the paper’s work is so few and far between. It is nice to hear the good things every now and then.

You always hear about it when you mess up or do something wrong, but you rarely hear the praise for the continued good work you do over the weeks and months.

Thank you, princess, for reading the newspaper. Just a reminder, you can check out the current edition of the paper, as well as all issues dating back to the end of January, when we started the site. So, if you missed an issue, find your way to www.commonwealthtimes.com.

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