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The 1981 Iggy Pop Halloween Riot

October 5, 2014 Executive Editor 6

Fueled by more than 20 consumed kegs of beer, one bathroom, cops with guns and an abruptly shortened headline act, the Iggy Pop Halloween concert held Oct. 31, 1981 in the Mosque (now Altria Theater) basement could be considered a true VCU riot.

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You did not build the city of Richmond

September 21, 2014 Executive Editor 78

The first time, I wasn’t sure I read the shirt right. Maybe it was a Jefferson Starship reference, and it could be just that. But context matters and seeing two white students wearing VCU shirts with the words “We built this city” is frustrating, to say the least.

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The south won’t rise again

September 21, 2014 Executive Editor 15

At least two days a week The Virginia Flaggers can be seen in front of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts parading Confederate flags while they are ignored by passerbys. The Virginia Flaggers have been attempting to preserve Confederate history by “flagging” locations which they believe have “attacked (their) flags, heritage, and ancestors.” The most frequently protested place by this group is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts because it took down Confederate flags from the Confederate memorial chapel that is on its property.

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Sensational media coverage sets the public’s agenda

September 21, 2014 Executive Editor 0

Our society’s relationship to media has made us reactive to social issues, instead of proactive. Only after a story breaks about domestic or sexual violence does the problem come to the forefront of society’s concerns. We are all aware of our strong connection to all sources of media.