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Judgment-free disease

September 29, 2014 Executive Editor 2

Sexually transmitted diseases have always been prevalent in American societies, especially among the youth. Before making any judgments about a person who has an STD, first take into consideration how devastating and traumatic an occurrence this is for a human being, and most importantly the story behind this unfortunate nightmare.

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A call for diverse television

August 25, 2014 Executive Editor 0

We are in the midst of a culturally critical era of television in both refreshingly positive and severely negative lights, and both are important to note. Always formerly known and ridiculed for being the lesser creative outlet to cinema, TV shows have been elevated to a much higher status due to a revelation of beautiful art direction and skilled writing and acting.

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Condoms and condemnation

December 2, 2010 admin 0

Shane Wade Columnist Hold your applause. Last week, during a lengthy interview with German journalist Peter Seewald, Pope Benedict XVI recanted his position on condoms, […]