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VCU gives students their money’s worth

March 16, 2015 admin 1

We usually complain about the high cost of tuition that rises every year and all of the things we’re not getting from our school. I, myself, have voiced many complaints about the way VCU handles finances. Except I realized that I often forget how much VCU does have to offer me.

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Construction around campus continues

January 11, 2015 Executive Editor 0

Students will return to class on Monday to some new sights as the University continues with construction on the James Cabell Library, The Square Apartments at 900 W. Grace St. and an office building at 912 W. Grace St.

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Richmond thrift stores: Reaping what you sew

September 21, 2014 Executive Editor 0

After a few years, closets run out of room for hangers, dressers get overstuffed and shoes accumulate in piles. Selling an item in good condition will not only leave more closet space, but also cheer up the starving piggy bank. Curious to see which store would offer the most money for my clothes, I grabbed some barely worn shoes and set out on a shopping experiment.