Former men’s point guard returns to VCU as assistant coach

VCU assistant coach Darius Theus (left) with former player Brandon Rozzell (right) during his stint as director of player development at VCU. Photo courtesy of VCU Athletics.

Arrick Wilson, Sports Editor

Darius Theus was a part of the VCU team that went to the NCAA Final Four in 2011, according to VCU Athletics

Theus now returns to VCU as an assistant coach. 

“The biggest [definition of VCU] for me will be family, and that was one of the key reasons I came here,” Theus said. “So I just think it’s a special place — like I said, family is everything to me, so when I think of VCU, I think family.”

Theus was previously the director of player development for VCU, taking the job in June 2018, according to VCU Athletics. After four years at VCU, he became an assistant coach at Siena College last May, according to Theus.

Theus was under head coach Carmen Maciariello at Siena, where the team won over 50% of its games last season, according to Siena Athletics

“I learned a lot at Siena my first year, but it’s a great place,” Theus said. “I met a lot of great people, and the players were amazing — [I’m] just really thankful for Coach Carm for even considering me to be a part of his staff at Siena.” 

“Havoc” has been VCU’s brand of basketball throughout the years, focusing on full-court aggressive defense. Many fans have wondered if “Havoc” will stay after the departure of former head coach Mike Rhoades, but it will always be a part of VCU, Theus said.

“Havoc lives forever — that’s what VCU is,” Theus said. “When me and coach [Ryan] Odom had talked, it was just about merging those words together and making it one — keeping this tradition going, which is winning games and winning championships.”

The return of Theus is another stepping stone for newly-hired VCU men’s basketball coach Ryan Odom. Odom is excited about the return of Theus and is looking to continue to move “forward,” Odom stated in an email.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Darius join our staff here at VCU. Obviously, his connection to the past is going to be really important as we move forward,” Odom stated. 

Odom believes that Theus deserved the assistant coach position at VCU, he stated.

“Darius has earned this opportunity,” Odom stated. “We know that he’s going to do a great job. He’s excited. He’s already been doing a great job and we’re looking forward to having him here with us.”

Odom is ready to get started at the helm of VCU’s program with a new era, he said at his introductory press conference.

“I can’t wait to get going,” Odom said. “I can’t tell you how excited we are to get to work and we’re going to win championships too.”

VCU alum and teammate during the NCAA Final Four, Joey Rodriguez, thinks highly of Theus, he said.

“He was such a solid individual, very trustworthy,” Rodriguez said. “One of those teammates you could always count on. There’s not a selfish bone in his body; he was just a great teammate.”

Rodriguez is confident that Theus was a good choice and will be successful at VCU, he said. 

“I’m excited for him; he loves it there. That’s his home,” Rodriguez said. “He’s such a solid human being that he’s going to be great.”

In a message to the fans, Theus wants basketball fans to be patient, as he believes coach Odom and staff have success coming to VCU, he said. 

“Be patient. Change takes time, but we have a great head coach,” Theus said. “Give it time and be patient. I know Coach Odom will do something special, and I’m excited to be a part of his staff.”

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