For the girls: Spectrum Editor’s list of things to do

Illustration by Killian Goodale-Porter

Chloe Hawkins, Spectrum Editor

It can be hard to find activities in a place you’ve lived in for years. The idea of ordering a pizza and staying in always sounds good, but here are some entertaining things to do in Richmond with your closest group of gals.

Mural photoshoot

There are many unique and colorful murals around Richmond. Dedicate a day to get dolled up, put a cute outfit on and take photos in front of them — this is a chance to learn more about the city’s arts and culture scene, and get cute outfit pictures in the process. 

A few of my favorite murals that are close to campus are “Robed Woman Surrounded by Roses” at 1001 W. Grace St., “Blue Haired Woman” at 114 W. Cary St. and “Spider Witch” at 825 W. Cary St.

Richmond theater

The performing arts scene is very large in RVA, with theaters like the Firehouse Theater, Altria Theater and the Coalition Theater. All of these theaters are close to VCU’s campus, and include shows ranging from poetry slams, comedy shows and musicals. 

Picture this: a girls’ night out to the theater, with snacks and unforgettable memories.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Lewis Ginter has a number of themed gardens and events, like floral design classes and lessons on creating nature journals. Tap into your feminine side by taking in all the vibrant colors and connecting with nature with a group of friends. 

Quirk Hotel 

People often think of hotel beds and room service when thinking about the Quirk hotels, but they have much more to offer, including an art gallery, gift shop and rooftop bar. Both of these spaces are aesthetically decorated with pink and white undertones and are located next to and within the hotel building, located in the Jackson Ward community. Quirk Hotel staff has also curated a Spotify playlist that can be listened to while experiencing these spaces.

Art exhibitions

There are a number of art museums in Richmond, both walking and driving distance from campus. These include The Anderson, Reynold’s Gallery, the Visual art studio and Gallery5. Whether you are into the arts scene or not, embracing all of the art that Richmond artists have to offer is a fun time and experience.

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