Judge sentences former Delta Chi member Andrew White for hazing of Adam Oakes

Andrew White. Photo courtesy of the Richmond Police Department

Katrina Lee, News Editor

Varsha Vasudevan, Staff Writer

Former VCU Delta Chi fraternity member Andrew White was sentenced to 24 months of reformative practices, rather than jail time, on Tuesday after pleading guilty to the unlawful hazing of VCU freshman Adam Oakes back in February 2021. 

The penalization was suggested by the parents of Adam Oakes. White is required to complete 12 months on probation, 100 hours of community service, participate in a restorative justice program with the Oakes family and participate in five community service presentations. 

Oakes’ parents gave impact statements at the John Marshall District Court building in downtown Richmond before the Judge announced the sentence to White.

“We don’t want anyone to feel the tragedy we have,” the Oakes family said during the hearing. 

Adam Oakes’ mother, Linda Oakes, described the pain she felt since her son’s death during her impact statement. 

“My faith is now destroyed. I no longer believe in God,” Linda Oakes said.

Andrew White asked the court to agree to the sentencing that the family suggested. He said this is the second friend he lost to alcohol. 

“I know and understand that this pain I feel pales in comparison to yours,” White said in court. 

He said since Adam Oakes’ death, he has participated in both sport and health-based activities with kids and attended a Mothers Against Drunk Driving panel. 

Judge Claire Cardwell agreed to the sentencing the parents suggested and said alcohol and hazing was a cultural problem, not exclusive to VCU.

“I am astounded by the generosity of the parents,”  Cardwell said. 

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