Carr retains seat in the 69th District

Varsha Vasudevan, Contributing Writer 

Betsy Carr, Democratic candidate in the Virginia House of Delegates, will keep her delegate seat after winning against Republican candidate Sheila Furey for the 69th District.

Carr was first elected to the 69th District of the Virginia House of Delegates in 2009, according to Ballotpedia.

Carr garnered 85.25% of the votes while Furey received 14.65%, according to the Virginia Public Access Project as of 3:58 a.m on Wednesday.

Carr, the incumbent in the race, stated in an email on Oct. 25 that she mainly advocates for health care reform, affordable housing and reforms in the education system.

“Education is the greatest opportunity maker for all,” Carr stated. “It must be equitable, accessible and affordable for all students.”

She raised $393,733 for this election as of Oct. 21, according to the VPAP website.

Furey is a psychiatrist who has practiced in Richmond for about 20 years, according to her website. She said that she ran for the first time on the platform of ensuring the reopening of businesses and providing “quality education.”

“The amount of regulation that is put upon small businesses continues to increase,” Furey said. “And as I walk around the city of Richmond and my district, people are hurting.”

Carr advocated for the right to vote, especially for minority communities, according to her website. Carr said she “supports expansion of early voting, including Sunday voting, use of secure drop boxes.”

Carr stated that she prepared for Election Day by directly hearing from and collaborating with constituents.

I’m holding meetings, attending events and working to promote our ticket so Democrats can hold the majority in the House and continue the progress we’ve made,” Carr stated.

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