Spectrum editor’s list of Halloween films to watch – Oct. 20

“Scream” (1996)

In this classically terrifying Halloween film, a teenage girl and her friends start receiving strange phone calls from a local serial killer, known as Ghostface, who continuously asks them what their favorite scary movie is. Through satirizing classic Halloween movies, this film combines all the stereotypical motifs to add comedy to fear.

Available on Amazon Prime Video | 79% Rotten Tomatoes

“Halloweentown” (1998)

Marnie always knew she was different from other kids. When her grandmother comes to visit on Halloween, Marnie and her siblings, Dylan and Sophie, find out she’s a witch. The kids then secretly follow her back to her hometown of Halloweentown. The kids must then work together to save the town and their family from a dark force that threatens to destroy Halloweentown.

Available on Disney+ | 80% Rotten Tomatoes

“Edward Scissorhands” (1990)

Starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder and directed by Tim Burton, this film tells the story of Edward, an artificial human with scissors for hands who lives isolated from the world. When a human woman finds him and invites him to live normally with her family, Edward and her daughter Kim fall in love against all odds.

Available on Hulu | 90% Rotten Tomatoes

“The Haunted Mansion” (2003)

When workaholic realtor Jim Evers, played by Eddie Murphy, and his family are invited to see a house they could potentially sell, Evers refuses to pass it up, much to the chagrin of his wife who argues his work is having a negative impact on their family. When they visit, however, they soon discover the house is haunted and that the owner has unfinished business with them.

Available on Disney+ | 14% Rotten Tomatoes

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993)

A staple to watch every Halloween season, this film follows Jack Skellington, the beloved “pumpkin king” of his home, Halloween Town, who feels bored of the same annual routine. When he accidentally discovers Christmas, he decides that Halloween Town will take over the Christmas holiday, leading to disastrous consequences.

Available on Disney+ | 95% Rotten Tomatoes

“Carrie” (1976)

In this film adapted from Stephen King’s novel, Carrie White is a shy, lonely high schooler whose mother is a religious zealot who rarely lets Carrie out of the house. When her fellow classmates who constantly bully her decide to play a cruel prank on her at prom, Carrie decides to finally get revenge on everyone who’s ever wronged her.

Available on Amazon Prime Video | 93% Rotten Tomatoes

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