Spectrum editor’s list of films to watch for Sept. 8

“Promising Young Woman” (2020)

Cassie Thomas, played by Carey Mulligan, keeps a list of men who sexually assault women while they’re drunk to ensure they don’t take advantage of women. She uses this vigilantism to come to terms with her friend’s traumatic sexual assault and death. After finding out more about the people from her past, Cassie decides to plan the ultimate revenge plot to avenge her friend.

Available on Amazon Prime | 90% Rotten Tomatoes

“Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal” (2021)

This documentary follows the story of the 2019 college admissions scandal, known as Operation Varsity Blues, where parents paid millions of dollars to help their children get into top universities across the country. This film examines the privilege wealthy families have, especially when it comes to controlling their children’s futures.

Available on Netflix | 88% Rotten Tomatoes

“Chef” (2014)

Written, directed, produced by and starring Jon Favreau, this film is about disgraced chef Carl Casper, who opens a Cuban food truck with his son after quitting his job at a restaurant. They drive the truck across the country, serving delicious food that becomes very successful. As Casper becomes more attached to the food truck, he works to put together his broken family while reconnecting with his cultural roots.

Available on Netflix | 87% Rotten Tomatoes

“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (2010)

When teen Scott Pilgrim falls for Amazon delivery girl on skates, Ramona Flowers, he must battle her seven evil exes in order to date her and stay alive. Designed to look like a video game, this film features striking visual effects and a star-studded cast. 

Available on Netflix | 82% Rotten Tomatoes

“Dangal” (2016)

This biographical film follows former Indian wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, who trains his daughters to carry out the dream he never got to fulfill. After intense and seemingly harsh training, the girls start competing in tournaments where they continue to win against boys. As they become better and gain national recognition for their wrestling, the Phogat sisters defy both wrestling and gender expectations.

Available on Netflix | 88% Rotten Tomatoes

“Palm Springs” (2020)

Andy Samberg stars in this romantic comedy about two strangers who meet at a wedding and get stuck in a time loop together. Since there are no real consequences for their actions and they can’t really die, the pair take extreme risks as they relive the day over and over. However, when they come to terms with their past and their new life, it forces both of them to confront the truth and own up to their mistakes.

Available on Hulu | 95% Rotten Tomatoes

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