Spectrum editor Ebonique Little says farewell

Illustration by Marissa Stratton

Ebonique Little, Spectrum Editor

My senior quote in my high school yearbook was “HAGS,” so clearly I’m not good at goodbyes, but here I go. 

Last May, I reluctantly heeded the advice of one of my professors who encouraged me to submit a class assignment to The Commonwealth Times. Since then, The CT has become integral to my college experience. 

I’ve found my voice and learned about myself in ways I never knew. An arts major who initially only wanted to write about fashion grew into a confident outlet for Black artists and issues within our community. My contributions as a writer and editor are not only relevant to The CT, but they have also become how I define myself and my purpose. My only regret is not joining sooner. 

I’m thankful for every story assignment that challenged me and each editor I’ve worked with — Iman Mekonen, Hannah Eason, Andrew Ringle and Rachel Rivenbark — who pushed me to be a stronger writer and reporter. To everyone on the CT staff (even the ones I never met face to face), I am eternally grateful.

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