Graphic Designer Rey Carlson says farewell

Illustration by Karly Andersen

Rey Carlson, Graphic Designer

While I didn’t work for The CT for long, I can definitely say that I have never felt so welcomed, loved and appreciated so quickly before. Until last fall, I worked at food service jobs for six years, and to have this be my first real job doing design was incredible, especially alongside such talented writers, illustrators, photographers, and just generally amazing and kind people.

Before I get into anything else, I’d just like to say that these people have had to be around me after midnight at my worst, listening to FKA Twigs for three hours straight and crying about unrelated thesis work, and for that I am both so incredibly sorry, but also so thankful for y’all putting up with me. Each and every one of you is truly braver than a U.S. Marine.  

Illustration by Karly Andersen

I have never learned so much in such a brief period of time, and I am so grateful for everyone’s patience and care in helping me along the way. I am truly going to miss all of you, and most of all I’ll miss how much everyone trusted me with the AUX every Tuesday night. I’ve never felt more respected and appreciated in a group so quickly, and I’ll never forget how we all gassed up each other’s (and especially my) outfits walking into work. 

Sending you all so much love and thanks for the short (but incredibly special) time that I was here. I know you’ll all make something incredible and beautiful next year, and I can’t wait to see. Also hmu for playlist recs lmaooo.

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