Graphic Designer Kamryn Gillham says farewell

Illustration by Karly Andersen

Kamryn Gillham, Graphic Designer

I only got to work for The Commonwealth Times for a single year as a senior. However, it was a fantastic year that surprised me more than I could have ever initially imagined when I applied as a graphic designer. Having to say goodbye to the staff and the paper is incredibly difficult for me as I get ready to graduate.

I walked into this job so scared and so nervous; I was a concept artist taking on a graphic design job with little to no experience at all. However, I’m walking away from it confidently, with sharper, more developed skills and a gaggle of new friends.

To say that the staff of The Commonwealth Times works hard on the paper is an understatement. I have never met a more dedicated and talented group of writers, editors, illustrators, and designers, all of whom manage to put out an award-winning paper every week alongside their studies. The long hours of work and attention that each person puts into the paper to ensure its continued quality are nothing short of astounding. I have nothing but admiration for each of them, those graduating and those still in school, and I know confidently that they are all meant for great places. It has been an absolute joy to have been in the newsroom with all of you this year.

Illustration by Karly Andersen

The most I can say as I’m going off to graduate is thank you. Thank you to the entire staff at The CT for welcoming me into the paper, for helping me learn skills I had barely developed, and for your kindness and friendship each production period. Thank you Jeffrey, Andy and Rey for your endless patience and helping me learn the ways of InDesign. Thank you Hannah, Iman, Noah and Tagwa for always collaborating with me on sections and making work so fun. Thank you Georgia and Andrew for always being attentive and helping me learn about the ways of the newsroom. Thank you Alexandra for your dedicated work to put out social media content, and Karly for ensuring we have the most lovely illustrations.

I can’t tell you all enough how much you’ve made my last year of college better, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m wishing all of you the best as you graduate or continue with your college studies. You are all stars. 

It’s pretty bittersweet to say this, but for the last time… goodbye, gamers!

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