Hypothetically: The CT staff picks animal personalities

Stefanos Psaltis-Ivaniš, Host and Contributing Writer

In today’s world, there’s not much to be excited about. With the future looking as bleak as it does, we need ways to keep ourselves entertained and distracted. 

For my friends and I, this comes in the form of unique hypothetical questions. Spend a day in my house, and you’re bound to hear my roommates and I posing these questions in every conversation. 

I’ve always felt like hypothetical questions provide answers that tell more about someone’s personality than the usual favorite movie or food questions. 

With that said, I sat down with staff members of The Commonwealth Times and put them on the spot with a hypothetical question to see what their animal personalities are.

To listen to the podcast, click the link above. Here’s a preview of some of the highlights.

Andy Caress: You know, I’m tempted to say flying squirrel, because then I could be Batman and I could go from roof to roof. And that would be really fun.

Stefanos Psaltis-Ivaniš: Could you not just do that as a bat?

AC: Oh.

Sports Editor Noah Fleischman had an interesting take, saying his animal personality would be a monkey.

NF: So could I end up in a zoo?

SPI: You could, yeah.

NF: Then I could make the zookeeper my girlfriend. 

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