Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Here are 5 options you can DIY

Illustration by Lindsay Hart

Iman Mekonen, Spectrum Editor

Milan Brewster, Contributing Writer  


Halloween is right around the corner, and the busy week ahead leaves no time to go shopping for a costume. Here are costume ideas that you can assemble from pieces in your closet or your nearest thrift store. 


Crazy Cat Lady

For this idea, you’ll need a bathrobe, hair curlers and several small cat plushies. Stick the cat plushies on the robe and the hair curlers in your hair to tie the costume together.


Apple Genius 

For this costume, all you need is a blue T-shirt, a piece of paper, a marker and scissors. Place a cutout of the Apple logo on the top right corner of the shirt. If you really want to go above and beyond, AirPods would be a great addition to this costume. 


’70s Hippie

Throw it back to the ’70s with this simple costume — there’s a lot of freedom with how exactly you want to look, but flared pants, a flower headband and a flowy or oversized shirt is the perfect combination. Add a pair of round John Lennon sunglasses and anything with fringe to complete the look


‘It’s Raining Men’

Grab your brightest raincoat and an umbrella and hang pictures of your favorite heartthrobs from the umbrella. Cue “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls. 


Bill Nye the Science Guy

Take a trip down memory lane with this scientist costume. To complete this look, grab the closest dress shirt, bow tie, lab coat and glasses.


  1. Halloween, I think I don’t just need Apple genius, Mad Lady, I think I still need an elegant madman. The clothes in this store are both elegant and crazy. Great for Halloween and dancing on Halloween.

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